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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baked Baking Presents....

This page is turning a new leaf. It will no longer be the simple musings of my day to day recipes, but a collaboration with my friend Maggie, as we take you into the silliness of Baked Baking. The idea emerged on Labor Day weekend, with a spur of the moment brunch, followed by dinner and Melon Risotto Rolls. Maggie is a self-proclaimed control freak in the kitchen, that doesn't like people getting in her way. I am the opposite, and find enjoyment in a clustered kitchen - but I'm also a control freak, and tend to end up doing most of the cooking myself, even if others are competent. But when we found each other, everything changed. There was an instant rhythm about our cooking styles that was apparent to everyone in the house. Baked Baking emerged from that.

Baked Baking Presents Brunch Casserole

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